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Ritztrade International is a specialist for all inquiries related to your immigration / long term visits to South Africa.

Our business team provides a professional all-round service for the client which includes the following:

We wish to provide a prompt, professional and highly personalised service. If you have a quiry please do not hesitate to contact us. We help you let your dreams of South Africa come true!

Ritztrade International was founded in 1995 by Ulrike Leugering, a self-employed business entrepreneur and Managing Director of Ritztrade International. Due to the increase of Western immigrants to South Africa, Mrs. Leugering specialized in various services that would satisfy the needs of her clients.

The entrepreneurial objective behind the Team's hard work stems from a desire for socio-economical upliftment, the motivation of international investments to South Africa, and the generation of much needed skilled personnel within the various business sectors.

Further more Ritztrade International is also actively involved in the tourism industry by brokering holiday accommodations on a long-term and short-term basis.

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Ritztrade International
No 30 Presitge Business Park
Democracy Way
Milnerton 7447
Cape Town
PH: +27 (21) 552 7707
FX: +27 (21) 552 7717

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